ALERT! You Can Still Help Stop the Wolf Slaughter in Montana

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

Our Howl-In Rally & News Conference at Montana State Capital was a media success, but your help is still needed to boycott the state and to contact elected officials.

Troops Rally in Montana to Stop Wolf Slaughter

October 14, 2011 - Our rally on the capitol steps of Montana's state house brought out over 30 dedicated people on a cold rainy Friday afternoon, demanding an end to the senseless slaughter of wolves for sport. Watch our executive director, Brooks Fahy, discussing this unfolding tragedy and the special interests behind the killings.

After the speeches, picketing, and gathering on the steps, two dozen activists—including our Executive Director, Brooks Fahy—went to Governor Schweitzer's office. Unfortunately the governor was away on other important business, but we were able to share our outrage with his legal counsel. We also marched over to U.S. Senator Jon Testor's office, which was closed. Both Governor Schweitzer and Senator Testor have contributed to the persecution of gray wolves in Montana...and beyond.

Along with Friends of Animals, we drew extensive press coverage throughout Montana, spreading the word about the horrible injustice and abuse being perpetrated on wolves in Montana and elsewhere.

Stay tune for more rallies in the near future. Media coverage of the event included:

What's Going on in Montana?

September 29, 2011 - As of September 27, bow hunters had killed six wolves during archery season.  The rifle season begins on October 22, and a kill quota of 220 of Montana's 566 wolves has been set. 

According to wolf researcher Jay Mallonee's peer reviewed paper, "Hunting Wolves in Montana – Where are the Data?" (Nature and Science, 2011; 9[9]), "the quotas proposed for public wolf hunts are completely arbitrary, and management decisions in general have not been based on facts."

Your help is needed to boycott the state with your tourism dollars and to contact your elected officials. Help us stop the slaughter by boycotting Montana and Idaho.

Learn More about the Challenges Facing Wolves

Wolves were taken off the federal Endangered Species List on April 15, 2011, when President Obama signed the federal budget into law. This means that wolves are no longer federally protected and are now strictly under state management.

It is extremely important to send a message to elected officials that voters care about wolves. Learn more about the challenges facing America's wolves and our work to protect them in Wolves at Risk.