One Bobcat Kitten Shines Light on All That Is Wrong

On Oct. 15, 2019 a bobcat kitten that mistakenly wandered into an office at a school in a wooded area on the edge of Eugene, OR was unnecessarily and brutally killed by state authorities via "blunt force trauma to the head." The bludgeoning of this young animal--who appeared healthy, was not behaving aggressively, and was either a hungry orphan or made the mistake of being a curious cat--was outrageous and inhumane. We took action!

Photo of bobcat kitten


We strongly condemned the actions of the officials involved. These include the Oregon State Police (OSP), who killed the kitten, and the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), who condoned it and are hiding behind the false notion that killing it was essential for public safety and that it was "humanely euthanized." Neither are true.

The kitten posed no threat to public safety and could have be let out the window and/or released back into the wild. By definition, euthanasia is a method of last resort for a sick or diseased animal, which this was not. ODFW's indifference to the welfare of the wildlife they have been sworn to protect is stunning and unacceptable.

We Urge Oregon Governor and Legislators for Investigation and Reform; 62 Veterinarians Join In

News Coverage

The story justifiably went viral. Here are just a few headlines:

Help Us Stop This from Ever Happening Again

Please join us in raining fire on ODFW and OSP, as well as asking Governor Kate Brown to intervene. This incident must be investigated and policies changed immediately to prevent such atrocities from ever happening again.

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