ALERT! Wolf Bloodbath in Northern Rockies Begins Aug 30

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

States have taken over wolf "management" from the feds, spurring slaughter plans in several states. Only you can make this stop, with your vote and your dollars.

Stop the Slaughter: Boycott Wyoming, Montana and Idaho Now

August 15, 2011 - The hand-off of wolf management from federal to state control has predictably created a holocaust for wolves in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, with plans for slaughter beginning as soon as August 30. See CNN interview with call for boycott.

Authorities in these states may not like wolves, but they do like and depend on your tourist and consumer dollars. Send these states a message by contacting their governors and tourism bureaus and tell them you are canceling your vacation plans and boycotting their products (boycott/contact info below). Please stay on message: No tourist dollars, no purchase of state's products.

Money talks, but to be heard it takes a lot of wallets closing. So pass this on to all friends, using all networks available to you. The wolves are depending on you and time is of the essence.

Read more about the boycott and the implications of the pending bloodbath in an interview with our executive director in the Sept 1, 2011 Eugene Weekly article, "Wolves Back in Gunsights." Additional information on these hunts is available in Wolves at Risk.

Boycott Wyoming

Hunt specifics:

  • Open season on wolves except for national parks
  • Shoot on sight: any method of killing permitted including poisons, bullets, traps, snares, aerial gunning and more
  • Females and pups are fair game too
  • 78% of the wolf population can be killed


Contact Wyoming Tourism:
TEL: 307-777-7777
FAX: 307-777-2877
TOLL FREE: 800-225-5996

  • Leave a message if you don't get a live person.
  • Do not be deterred by an agent trying to steer you to Fish and Game Department! Tourism is the vulnerable target; it's too late for policy talk.


Contact Governor Matt Mead:
Phone: 307.777.7434
Fax: 307.632.3909

  • Insist the governor is given your comment and that you message is recorded.

Boycott Montana

Hunt specifics:

  • 40% of the wolves in Mt. is the kill quota (220 out of 566)
  • Season is 9/11 – 12/31


Contact Governor Brian Schweitzer
Phone: 406.444.3111
Fax: 406.444.5529

  • The governor is facing reelection next year so mention all your friends and relatives who vote in Montana!
  • Senator Tester sponsored the Congressional Appropriations Rider that delisted wolves.


Contact Montana Tourism Dept.

  • Don't be rebuffed by their claim wolves are not important enough to hurt tourism.
  • They will begin to rethink that attitude when they are deluged with calls tying up their phone lines.
  • We are the tourists who go to Yellowstone and other recreation vacation spots.

Boycott Idaho

Hunt specifics:

  • Largest wolf population
  • Few hunting restrictions and limits
  • Cheap tags, for $11.75 per tag you can kill 4 wolves
  • Trappers can kill 6 wolves
  • 7 month season


Contact Idaho Tourism Dept:
Idaho Department of Commerce (Tourism Bureau)

  • It helps if you have some familiarity with the attractions in the state, so be sure to
    mention these tourist locations you won't be visiting: Sun Valley, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Atomic City, Hell's Canyon and the Nez Perce Historical Park.


Contact Governor Butch Otter:
Phone: 208.3342100
Fax: 208.334.3454

Mention their Wolf Plan is one of the worst and completely ignores science in favor of agricultural and hunting politics. Right now the government is aerial gunning and trapping wolves to get a head start on the hunting and trapping season starting the end of August.

Boycott Idaho Spuds!
McDonalds: 1-800-244-6227
Wendy's: 614-764-3100

  • Call McDonalds and Wendy's tell them you won't buy fries until they stop using Idaho spuds.


Contact United Potato Growers:

  • Let them know you are not buying any potatoes from these states. Grocery stores have sticker certifying where they came from, most from Idaho.

Learn More about the Challenges Facing Wolves

Wolves were taken off the federal Endangered Species List on April 15, 2011, when President Obama signed the federal budget into law. This means that Oregon wolves are no longer federally protected and are now strictly under state management.

Learn more about the challenges facing America's wolves and our work to protect them in Wolves at Risk.