Action Issues

Photo of 11 cougar heads piled up by a tree

Stop the USDA's Brutal, Wasteful and Counter-Productive War on Wildlife

Every year a secretive program within the USDA misnamed "Wildlife Services" kills millions of animals under the guise of predator control. Their slaughter includes over 100,000 vital native predators like bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and wolves. Wildlife Services spends millions of your tax dollars on unnecessary aerial gunning, poisoning, shooting, snaring, trapping and bludgeoning—all at the request of ranchers and state wildlife management agencies. In the process they endanger pets and humans, and often increase the very predator populations they are trying to reduce. Watch former federal agents and a Congressman blow the whistle on Wildlife Services in our award-winning film, "EXPOSED: USDA's Secret War on Wildlife."

Stopping this brutal, wasteful and counter-productive war on wildlife has been a primary focus of our legislative work for years. Momentum has been building. Both trappers and wildlife advocates have requested a Congressional investigation and oversight hearings. Learn more about Wildlife Services

Photo of gray wolf by Tracy Brooks

End America's Wolf Slaughter!

Wolves lost federal protection under the Endangered Species Act in April 2011, leaving management up to individual states. The result has been a genocide for wolves in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin, where agressive hunting seasons are now being allowed. But wolves are also under seige nationwide. Help us stop the slaughter

Photo of lethal M44 cyanide device

Ban M-44 Cyanide Devices

Predator Defense has spearheaded efforts for a national ban on M-44 devices, indiscriminate methods of predator control which eject lethal sodium cyanide on unsuspecting animals and humans. Not only are M-44s unacceptable for predator control, many pets have been poisoned by them. We continue to work to eliminate this deadly device. Read victim stories


Photo of cans of Compound 1080

Ban Compound 1080 Poison

From its inception, we have fought for a worldwide ban on the deadly poison called Compound 1080. Just one teaspoon could kill 100 people and there is no known antidote. Use of Compound 1080 is literally a national security issue, in addition to being an unacceptable method of predator control. We continue to work to eliminate this horrifying hazard.

Photo of coyote with leg caught in trap

End Hunting & Trapping

Learn why Predator Defense supports efforts to end indiscriminate hunting and trapping:

  • End Wildlife Killing Contests - Learn about these horrific competitions held in many parts of the country where wildlife is killed for entertainment, prizes and profit.
  • Why State Fish & Game Agencies Can't Manage Predators - article by George Wuerthner, posted on New West Community Blogs, April 17, 2009
  • Trap Free Oregon - A source of information on Oregon fur trapping and what to do about it, including how to free trapped animals, predator control studies and methods, trapping and kill statistics, media coverage, and much more.
  • A Coyote's Worst Nightmare - Learn about the bloodsport of hunting coyotes with dogs that is legal in every state. Videos courtesy of the Eastern Coyote Institute.